Learning to play guitar as a singer songwriter

When you want to learn how to play guitar as a singer songwriter…. There are a lot of things you need to consider. 

What sort of guitar are you going to choose to play to go with your singing? What type of singer are you? Do you write your own music? 

There are lots of things to think about it. 

If you are a folk singer then perhaps an acoustic guitar would suit you best. 

However, if you write rock music, then perhaps an electric guitar would suit better. 

You should also consider what you need to learn on the guitar as well. 

What type of chords should you be focused on practising? It could be just some pretty open chords, or perhaps some power chords would suit you better. 

If you are a singer songwriter…. Then you will probably have ideas about performing. 

Then it’s important to get practising performing with your guitar playing. Especially when you are playing an electric guitar. 

You need to plug it into an amp, and get a microphone so you can practise the volume levels and how it sounds to an audience. Have people listen to you, practise playing in front of people. 

Many people think their confidence in other skills will automatically translate to guitar playing. But often it doesn’t. We have taught many actors who are confident doing many things but once a guitar is in their hands… they panic. So it’s important to practise how that feels. 

If you like to compose your own music…. Understanding the guitar and how it works will help you with composition as well. 

There are many ways to work through music theory to help you gain knowledge of the guitar. It’s important to have a good foundation to help you be able to feel confident when you are performing the songs you have written as well. 

I hope these few things will give you somethings to think about when it comes to learning the play the guitar. 

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Here’s a great singer songwriter who has really mastered both the acoustic and electric guitar.

Learning to play guitar as a singer songwriter Part 2

Let’s continue from Part 1 of “Learning to play guitar as a singer songwriter”. If you haven’t read that post yet, I would recommend going to there first.

Learning to play and sing at the same time

Probably the most important aspect of learning to play the guitar for you that will be different to other people is learning to play and sing at the same time.

For a lot of people learn to play the guitar they don’t need to think about singing and playing at the same time. Most people are too shy to sing. However as someone who is going to be singing and playing you need to know how to do both at the same time. And it can feel a bit like you’re rubbing your head and tapping your belly at the sink when you first do it. But with more practice all the pain easier and easier.

Learning music theory

If this was the first instrument that you’re learning. Then learning music theory will be a very important part of learning guitar. You need to know what’s going on in what you’re playing. I love people who like to play the guitar just learn by copy cat by replicating what is happening on a YouTube video with their fingers on the fretboard. 

Where is for you it’s really important that you know what cause you’re playing how the music is made up and understand what you’re actually doing on the guitar. This is going to make a big difference for when you’re writing music I want to communicate with other musicians chew. I shall be really useful for if he ever do any performances or gigs playing with other musicians. Or any composing a recording work well you need to talk to all the musicians. 

Which brings me onto the next point you need to learn to play with other musicians and communicate with them. 

learning to play with others

Learning to play with others it’s a skill that requires practice and learning just like any other. A lot of people think they can just play on their own and then suddenly turn up with a group of musicians and fit right in. In reality, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Music is like a language and therefore if you want to be able to speak the language with other people. The language of music. You do need to practice how everyone signals to each other. Understanding music and what you’re doing on the guitar, and your singing. Will be part of it.

I hope these few points will help you in understanding what the important things are that you need to cover when you’re learning to play the guitar as a singer songwriter.…

Learning to play guitar as a singer songwriter Part 1

If you want to learn to play the guitar asked as a singer song writer and you wanted to learn to play the guitar you might want to know what the most important aspects of learning to play the guitar That will be relevant for you

how to play chords

When you’re learning to play the guitar is important that you learn how to play chords. With songs that you are writing yourself if you wanna make sure that the car is called that you’re playing corresponds with the type of house do you play. For example if you’re more of a jazz musician you might need to learn more complicated songs. Where as if you are a country musician them probably more basic chords with suit a lot of the songs that you already singing.

Learn to strum on the guitar

Again similar with the chords is important to learn strong on the guitar. And depending on the type of music the strumming patterns and the techniques to use may be very different. If you’re playing country maybe in and downs John might just be enough. However if you’re playing certain types of acoustic covers him I need to learn More than just strumming on the guitar, you might need to learn how to finger pick on the guitar.

Fingerpicking it’s really cool and has a wide priority of applications for different genres of music. And could they can really elevated songs are you singing and make your music sound a lot more pro with just a few simple things up picking patterns.

Being a singer songwriter and learning to play guitar means you may have different demands, expectations and requirements when it comes to learning to play the guitar.

Keep reading Part 2 to find out what else you need to learn as a singer songwriter to get the most out of your guitar playing!

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Learning to play guitar when you have dyslexia

Dyslexia is something that is very common worldwide. It’s not fully understood and also the way it develops for everyone is individual to them. It can be difficult to know how to do something like learn to play the guitar, when it seems like it shouldn’t be something that effects an individual.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a condition that means it’s difficult for you to read and write but for many people it also affects other things that they tried to do too. For example learning to play the guitar.

Not surprisingly many people with dyslexia actually are very creative people and are very artistic and musical. And they’re very attracted to learning to playing the guitar. If this is you and you’re struggling to learn to play the guitar because you have dyslexia then don’t let it stop you. There are many resources you can use to help you overcome these challenges.

First of all if you have a guitar teacher already, do you let him know that you’ve got dyslexia. They can write differently useful words and write in big letters so it’s easy for you to understand what they’re trying to communicate.

Using images and pictures

Many people have dyslexia find images and pictures more helpful when explaining some things in a written paragraph do you want to find a visual aids to help you learn the guitar. Spite be free for diagrams rather than an explanation on what a scale of one motors. It could be someone demonstrating it to you in front of you rather than explaining in words. This is why when you have dyslexia it can be very beneficial to have a guitar teacher rather than trying to learn online yourself.

Doing Ear Training

Other things that will really help you for learning the guitar is doing things like in training improving your ear will mean that you are less reliant on other elements of learning to help you understand the fretboard and what to do and how to play it. You might also struggle to read tab and school as well depending on how dyslexia affects you. So being able to listen and play using your ear is one way to help you develop your musical scale that will have more of a benefits that maybe for other people who are learning.

I hope these few tips of helped you to understand that dyslexia doesn’t have to hold you back from learning to play the guitar but can be a benefit for you. People with dyslexia often more creative with new ideas that they can bring to the musical world. And the guitar is a great way for you to express those ideas and emotions.…

Learning to improvise on the guitar as a beginner guitarist

Believe it or not learning to improvise on the guitar can happen on the very first lesson. You just need to speak to your guitar teacher make sure that they know this is something that you want to do. A lot of guitar teachers and a lot of materials online will try and get you to learn chords in the very beginning. 

However if you’re interested in creating your own music especially for lead guitar playing maybe you want to try out something different for your first lesson instead. It doesn’t matter if this isn’t exactly how everyone else starts learning. It’s important that you experiment and have fun with your guitar learning journey. And you can get to learn chords another time, maybe in your second lesson! Now let’s get back to topic. 

Improvising on the guitar just means making up on the spot. This is why you can do this in your very first lesson. Your guitar teacher can give you a few notes on the guitar that was home good one played in any order asshole. And then he can play a nice rhythm of chords for you, that you can play you know it’s over. This is much more fun if you are I will need electric guitar and you can plug it into an amp and have an amplified.

The most basic skill in the notes that your guitar teacher will pull give you a notice from the pentatonic scale. And most people get started with a minor pentatonic. In this article I won’t go into details of what an E minor pentatonic is all you need to know is that with the notes in the scale and just knowing a few of them, you can start improvising straight away.

If you are trying this out at home just find a minor pentatonic scale or attach an image below for you you can just pick a few of the dots to place on your fingers on the guitar at the right places. 

See if you can create a simple melody just using those few notes! 

Going back and forth, changing the rhythm. Got something that sounds good? 

I’ve attached a backing track for you as well play the backing track and listen to what you’re playing underneath your fingers and see if this sounds good along with the track! 

You could try playing the same notes multiple times. Or playing interesting rhythms in between them. And this is how you get started. 

When you get better at playing, your guitar teacher may show you different ways of adding what is called phrases into your guitar playing. This is things like slides and vibratos. They add more musicality to your improvisation. To make your playing some more musical. 

Now a trick to becoming better and better improvising isn’t learning this many techniques as possible but actually to listen to what you’re playing. the more you do this the better you get. try this today and see how you go on! …

Simple Songs To Practice Your Beginner Guitar Lessons With

Learning guitar requires constant and persistent practice. The difference between the best players and just any other person is in how much time you intend to spend in practice. And there is no better way to train guitar than practice with songs that you can sing along. 

The best way to do this is to find songs that can be played easily. Get a song with an easy chord progression. And then start playing it. As you play and sing along, your hands get used to playing. You start playing clean chords, and before you know it, the lessons sink in you. 

You can choose songs in the genre that you would wish to play. It’s even better if you can find one of your favorite songs with an easy to play progression. Then use this song to train your mind and hands to play. 

When you practice with a song, you know you slowly start mastering clean chord structure, rhythm, beat, timing, speed, and basically everything that you would wish to play. 

If you’re not sure which song to play, then the following are simple songs that you can consider picking for your practice exercise. 

Play Amazing Grace Hymn 

Amazing Grace is an old hymn that is loved by many people. The song has been sung and played for centuries. And if you would wish to learn how to play guitar, this is the song you can start learning with. It has a very easy Chord progression. 

You can play the song in the key of C or G. This means you can practice playing different chords with the same songs and perfect them. 

In the key of C, you will be playing C Chord, then F Chord, then C Chord, and Finish with G Chord. If you choose to play into the Key of G, you will play G Chord, then C Chord, back to G chord and then finish with D chord. 

With each key you choose to play on, you’ll repeat the same pattern from the start to the end of the song. Nothing changes. And this is why it’s one of the easiest songs to learn to play. It will give you the flexibility that you won’t find in most songs. 

The progression is easy. You can start with normal strumming. And as you learn the song timing, you can advance to play using different strumming patterns. After you have mastered most of the art in playing this song, you can try the fingerpicking style. 

In short, this is a song that would give you the flexibility to play and master your playing. 

Bottom Line 

The idea is to find a song you know that you can play and train guitar with. This gives you the feeling of playing real music. The lessons that you have been learning slowly start making sense to you. And most importantly, as you play real music, you enjoy your practice. And this is the key to persistence in learning guitar.