Learning to play guitar as a singer songwriter Part 1

Learning to play guitar as a singer songwriter Part 1

If you want to learn to play the guitar asked as a singer song writer and you wanted to learn to play the guitar you might want to know what the most important aspects of learning to play the guitar That will be relevant for you

how to play chords

When you’re learning to play the guitar is important that you learn how to play chords. With songs that you are writing yourself if you wanna make sure that the car is called that you’re playing corresponds with the type of house do you play. For example if you’re more of a jazz musician you might need to learn more complicated songs. Where as if you are a country musician them probably more basic chords with suit a lot of the songs that you already singing.

Learn to strum on the guitar

Again similar with the chords is important to learn strong on the guitar. And depending on the type of music the strumming patterns and the techniques to use may be very different. If you’re playing country maybe in and downs John might just be enough. However if you’re playing certain types of acoustic covers him I need to learn More than just strumming on the guitar, you might need to learn how to finger pick on the guitar.

Fingerpicking it’s really cool and has a wide priority of applications for different genres of music. And could they can really elevated songs are you singing and make your music sound a lot more pro with just a few simple things up picking patterns.

Being a singer songwriter and learning to play guitar means you may have different demands, expectations and requirements when it comes to learning to play the guitar.

Keep reading Part 2 to find out what else you need to learn as a singer songwriter to get the most out of your guitar playing!

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