Simple Songs To Practice Your Beginner Guitar Lessons With

Simple Songs To Practice Your Beginner Guitar Lessons With

Learning guitar requires constant and persistent practice. The difference between the best players and just any other person is in how much time you intend to spend in practice. And there is no better way to train guitar than practice with songs that you can sing along. 

The best way to do this is to find songs that can be played easily. Get a song with an easy chord progression. And then start playing it. As you play and sing along, your hands get used to playing. You start playing clean chords, and before you know it, the lessons sink in you. 

You can choose songs in the genre that you would wish to play. It’s even better if you can find one of your favorite songs with an easy to play progression. Then use this song to train your mind and hands to play. 

When you practice with a song, you know you slowly start mastering clean chord structure, rhythm, beat, timing, speed, and basically everything that you would wish to play. 

If you’re not sure which song to play, then the following are simple songs that you can consider picking for your practice exercise. 

Play Amazing Grace Hymn 

Amazing Grace is an old hymn that is loved by many people. The song has been sung and played for centuries. And if you would wish to learn how to play guitar, this is the song you can start learning with. It has a very easy Chord progression. 

You can play the song in the key of C or G. This means you can practice playing different chords with the same songs and perfect them. 

In the key of C, you will be playing C Chord, then F Chord, then C Chord, and Finish with G Chord. If you choose to play into the Key of G, you will play G Chord, then C Chord, back to G chord and then finish with D chord. 

With each key you choose to play on, you’ll repeat the same pattern from the start to the end of the song. Nothing changes. And this is why it’s one of the easiest songs to learn to play. It will give you the flexibility that you won’t find in most songs. 

The progression is easy. You can start with normal strumming. And as you learn the song timing, you can advance to play using different strumming patterns. After you have mastered most of the art in playing this song, you can try the fingerpicking style. 

In short, this is a song that would give you the flexibility to play and master your playing. 

Bottom Line 

The idea is to find a song you know that you can play and train guitar with. This gives you the feeling of playing real music. The lessons that you have been learning slowly start making sense to you. And most importantly, as you play real music, you enjoy your practice. And this is the key to persistence in learning guitar. 

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